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About Patricia

My mission

My mission is to help people live life fully, passionately and purposely. I have had the privilege of fulfilling this mission through a diversity of roles: psychologist and life coach; radio presenter; seminar leader; personal trainer, instructor of powerful group exercise classes; and author.

My path


My journey began in 1984 at Cornell University. I was a horseback rider, runner, and passionately interested in the link between mind and body. In 1988, I graduated with a BA in biopsychology. It didn’t take long to realize that research was not for me, so I began my first venture into the corporate world.

After several years in pharmaceuticals as a Quality Assurance Inspector on a factory floor, I had begun to question why most working people seemed depressed and unmotivated. Organizational Psychology promised some answers, so I returned to school in New York City to complete a Ph.D. in Organisational Psychology at the City University of New York. My focus became how to encourage, motivate and inspire people using physical fitness as a vehicle.


In 1996, finally done with school, and a newlywed, my husband and I moved to Melbourne, Australia. I intended to start my own health promotion business. Instead, I joined consulting firm William M. Mercer, where I worked as a Human Resource Consultant, specializing in performance and reward. My work there turned out to be the springboard for my first company, Executive Inspiration, a business incorporating life coaching, personal training, and executive motivation. Soon, I was leading workshops in teambuilding, bringing executives into the gym, and challenging them as a group to be more than they believed they were.


In 2002, adventure called again, and we moved to Hong Kong. There, we adopted two children, one stray cat, and I set up my new business, For Your Inspiration. Work revolved around personal training, life coaching, teaching BodyPump, and honing my writing skills to publish my first book and later articles. I was happily doing what I had long dreamed and planned to do. My concurrent focuses were parenting, learning about a new culture, and adventure racing.

Writing and radio shows


In 2002, I began to write a book on Life Coaching. It turned out that what I had to say was far more personal. My first book, In Pursuit of Joy: Life Lessons Through Exhilaration, is based on the lessons I and my clients have learned through sport and fitness. These are lessons about perseverance, values, gathering strength, and how pain can provide a clear path forward. And of course, about joy. The experiences described in my book illustrate powerful life lessons that lift the reader, and enable them to take action in their own lives.

Following the success of In Pursuit of Joy, I was invited to be Hong Kong’s RTHK Radio 3 psychologist, where I appeared weekly for two years, inspiring and entertaining listeners with topics like ‘letting go of the past’; ‘peace of mind’, and ‘laughter’. I wrote for the South China Morning Post, AsiaSpa, and was interviewed by local press and television about my mission.


My second book, Akilina (a novel) is a heart-pounding adventure story describing one woman’s quest for empowerment. It is based largely on my personal experiences, brought to life by the book’s heroine, Halley. Be careful while reading it – you may find yourself atop a mountain you hadn’t planned on climbing!

In 2008, finally ready to settle into a long-term home, we returned to Melbourne. Here, I continue my mission. I remain a passionate adventure racer, weight lifter, runner, cyclist, and all-around athlete. The aim of my website, and indeed, all of my work, is to lift, inspire, and encourage you to take action.

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