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Akilina: - Out of the Woods


Submerged in a car, near death.
Alone, at a crossroads-without-a-crossroads.
Two paths.

One destiny.

Halley has led a life marred by indecision and poor choices. Abused by lovers and herself, when she marries Sean, a good man, she can’t bear his love. The day she plans to leave him, her car is forced from a suspension bridge, plunging deep into a fast-flowing river. But Halley is given one more chance, when ten-year-old Eden opens the door between Halley’s past, present and future. She embarks on a wild and dangerous adventure, through dark woods, vast tundras, and to the top of the highest peaks, encountering her long-ago selves, and battling a mysterious but strangely familiar nemesis. Frightened, lost, but determined to succeed, she is in search of herself, her baby, and a life worth living.

A book about struggle. About transformation. About claiming one’s own light. Akilina is a deeply moving masterpiece.

What readers are saying about Akilina - Out of the Woods

"I was so absorbed by this book I had dreams of being lost in a jungle twice after I read it late at night. The characters are strong. It is a joy to read and the message is inspiring…"

"I feel this will resonate with so many people who embark on a journey of self-discovery…I love it. It has a wonderful spiritual quality…"

"This story was based on an excellent and highly original premise…"

"Akilina presents a compelling image of the subtle and destructive effects of abusive relationships. Further, it is an empowering and uplifting narrative…"

In Pursuit of Joy: - Life Lessons From Exhilaration

Patricia Bowmer explains the thinking behind her book:

We live in a world in need of inspiration.

In Pursuit of Joy provides this through lessons gathered from my personal experiences in sport. Sport provides a proving ground for the best of human character; more importantly, what we learn in the sporting arena can be carried over directly to the rest of our lives.

In Pursuit of Joy is organized into twelve chapters, and structured around pivotal moments in my own and my clients' lives. Each chapter contains between four and five short stories, drawn together around a single theme. Themes include: perseverance; gathering strength; joy in each moment; and many others.

This book is not based on theoretical ideas about encouraging people to exercise. Rather, it is a compilation of real-life stories which emphasize the sense of exhilaration which I know, both as a sportswoman and an exercise professional, can come from pushing yourself to your physical limits, and beyond. It is a factual account of the successes and failures of real people and that is what makes it compelling and inspiring reading.

What readers are saying about In Pursuit of Joy:

"In Pursuit of Joy beautifully describes moments of exhilaration -- the feelings of joy that motivate us to do anything at all. The reader is reminded to get moving, to live life to its fullest. This book is emotional, heart-expanding and inspirational."—Angela Spaxman, President, Hong Kong Coaching Community

"Patricia not only motivates me, she absolutely challenges me physically and mentally. Through these challenges, I have heightened my determination to persevere, and to go beyond my comfort zones."—Sally-Ann Bennett, personal training client

"With Patricia's encouragement, I was able overcome major work and time barriers to get to the gym and to get fit. Her focus and dedication assisted me in enhancing my life through fitness and helped me see the pleasure in simply working out."—Sam Vella, CEO, Melbourne Property Solutions

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