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Music and Media to Lift and Inspire

The following music, books, and other media have given me inspiration. Check them out if you need an immediate lift.


Music is like rocket fuel for the soul! Download these songs, get them on your Ipod and get on a treadmill. Sure to provide a lift!

Bon Jovi: this band deserves a section of its own. Inspirational, these songs will lift you if you are down, and propel you to a much better place.

  • The Circle (Tracks: We Weren’t Born to Follow; Live Before You Die; Brokenpromiseland; Love’s The Only Rule; Fast Cars; Learn To Love)
  • Crush (Tracks: It’s My Life; Just Older)
  • Lost Highway (Tracks: Lost Highway; We Got It Going On;)

Here is a further mixture of uplifting, energizing, and soulful songs to help you hang on when the going gets tough, or to lift you even higher when you are feeling great…

  • Corey Hart —Never Surrender
  • Daryl Hall and John Oates — Do What You Want, Be Who You Are
  • Des’ree — You Gotta Be
  • Destiny’s Child — Survivor
  • Fleetwood Mac — Don’t Stop
  • Gloria Estefan — Reach
  • Gwen Stefani — What Are You Waiting For?
  • Jewel — Hands
  • Jimmy Cliff — I’m Gonna Use What I Got to Get What I Need
  • Lighthouse Family — Lifted; High
  • Marcia Hines — Rise
  • Miley Cyrus — The Climb
  • Natasha Bedingfield — Unwritten; If You’re Gonna…
  • Ricky Martin — The Cup Of Life
  • Santana — Winning
  • Savage Garden — Affirmation; Animal Song
  • The Chemical Brothers — Galvanize
  • The Party Boys — Hold Your Head Up
  • The Traveling Wilburys — End of the Line
  • U2 — Beautiful Day


Here are some books which resonated with me. Perhaps they can provide fuel for your journey as well…

  • The Power of One — by Bryce Courtenay
  • The Alchemist — by Paulo Coelho
  • Awaken the Giant Within — by Anthony Robbins
  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior — by Dan Millman
  • Women Who Run With The Wolves — by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Eat Mangoes Naked — by Sark
  • Wherever You Go There You Are — by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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